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PPRO is one of Europe’s largest e-money and prepaid card issuers. Our success is based on developing innovative products that help people and businesses manage their everyday payments. Our own-branded products are VIABUY (1 million customers), CrossCard for businesses, and Fleetmoney, designed to meet the specific needs of a company’s drivers. We also distribute third-party products, including paysafecard, through our online store WKV.com.

We are a principal member of Mastercard and VISA and are certified to Level 1 of the PCI DSS. In practice, this
means that we are permitted to issue prepaid cards for all VISA and Mastercard points of acceptance, and
that we handle card data in accordance with the strictest security standards.


Prepaid cards, e-wallets, and online accounts.


Prepaid Cards and NFC

In addition to popular VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and V PAY cards, we also offer open and closed loop prepaid and debit cards. Our customers are not tied to plastic cards, however – we also offer NFC stickers, for example.

E-money Accounts

The share of e-wallet transactions is rising rapidly in the e-commerce space. We can set up e-money accounts for private customers and companies in record time.

Virtual Accounts

Using our own sort codes, we can set up online account numbers with their own IBANs. This issuing service is the ideal way for small merchants and consumers to manage and automatically book incoming payments.

VIABUY - gold and black for everyone

Our VIABUY program offers a prepaid Mastercard for consumers who want to have full transparency over their plastic payments. Connected to an e-money account and with multiple loading options, the gold or black VIABUY card or contactless NFC sticker by Mastercard can be used at all Mastercard acceptance points worldwide, both online and offline, just like any Mastercard credit card. Even those who do not have access to credit facilities or bank accounts can now participate in e-commerce and retail transactions where a credit card is a must. A web account and authorisation details by e-mail or text message ensure all transactions are highly transparent – there’s no potential for debt, as spending is limited to the amount loaded on the card.

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Our company card program

For companies we offer our prepaid Mastercard card program CrossCard. There are different scenarios possible: from “expense” that gives your finance department transparency over your employees’ travel expenses and gives your employees funds when travelling on business. Once back the card can be emptied again – or retapped, in case there is more money needed. Or CrossCard “purchase” if you don’t have a company credit card but need to make digital payments, i.e. for Facebook ads. Or “reward” for HR departments which is a programme for employees’ bonuses. All cards connect to an e-money account and can be loaded, de-loaded and managed centrally, simplifying all kind of corporate payment issues and, other than credit cards, help for a healthy cash flow.

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The solution for the logistics industry

Fleetmoney provides a prepaid Mastercard for transportation companies, no matter how small or large. The card can be used for fuel, accommodation, penalties and other driving-related costs and can be loaded and de-loaded centrally.

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