Growth Services for Payment Service Providers

PPRO services cover four core business areas in the local payment space: processing, collecting, contracting and data & knowledge. Everything we do will lead to an increase of a PSP’s growth and the growth of their merchants alike.


  • Global local payment methods (LPM) portfolio
    PPRO processes transactions for LPMs globally through our single platform. Allows our PSP partners to improve their LPM coverage and enter new markets.
  • Comprehensive flows
    Our platform supports all relevant payment flows required by the market. Merchants are able to sell their goods on all channels and refund consumers if needed.


  • Global local payment methods (LPM) portfolio
    As a reseller we offer our partners access to a vast range of LPMs, helping them to improve their LPM coverage and enter new markets.
  • License chain
    Our partners can rely on us to enable cross-border and local business. They do not have to get their own local licenses and can proxy PPROs own or downstream licenses.


  • Global local payment methods (LPM) portfolio
    Our partners can collect transactional funds for many markets through our bank network. They can increase their LPM coverage and enter new markets.
  • Settlement Currency Conversion
    We settle to our partners in any currency, allowing them to use their existing bank accounts and systems to receive funds from customers in different markets.

Knowledge & Data

  • Documentation
    Our partners can retrieve general and specific payment service and market knowledge from the extensive documentation we provide them on our partner portal.
  • Data and insights
    Using our holistic data collection, we provide insights and recommendations to our partners to improve their service.
  • Consulting
    We consult and train our partners to better understand local payments and markets.

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