Efficiency Services for Payment Service Providers

PPRO’s services cover four core business areas in the local payment space:
processing, collecting, contracting and data & knowledge.

Everything we do will lead to an increase of a PSP’s efficiency and speed of go-to-market – and that of their merchants alike.


  • Minimized maintenance
    We take care of the technical maintenance to the scheme’s API. This reduces the work required to implement necessary updates and changes on the partner’s side to a minimum.
  • Aggregated API
    Our partners can process all transactions for every LPM through one single API. This decreases the required initial integration effort and time.
  • Integration support
    During the integration with PPRO we support our partners with a dedicated integration support manager. This further decreases the required effort on the partner’s side and drastically reduces the risk of failure.


  • Aggregated contracting & boarding
    All LPMs can be accessed through one single contract and one single boarding. This decreases the required initial and ongoing legal work and allows our partners to quickly activate a vast range of LPMs for many merchants.
  • High speed boarding
    We can board a large number of merchants very quickly through our boarding API and bulk boarding capabilities. For many LPMs we even offer instant boarding. This strongly improves go-to-market speed.
  • Boarding support
    Self-service boarding and our boarding support team offer several options for manual merchant onboarding. This allows our partners to quickly board merchants without investing in integrating automated boarding functions.


  • Aggregated settlement
    Our partners receive their funds through one single settlement and format. This decreases their operational effort to maintain their treasury functions.
  • Fast and seamless settlement
    The time between transaction success and funds settlement is kept to a minimum, up to prefunding. This gives our partners and their merchants higher liquidity.

Knowledge & Data

  • Partner Portal
    We provide our partners with documentation, market research, product information, access to our online payment almanac and more through our partner portal. This provides a convenient single source for all types of material.
  • White-labelled documents
    Our marketing collaterals are white-labelled and allow our partners to brand them with their own identity and share them with their merchant customers.
  • Aggregated reports
    We provide our partners with their merchants’ payment data and insights in aggregated reports, allowing them to quickly assess and take action if needed.
  • Status updates
    We provide information about maintenance and downtimes of individual LPMs as early as possible to our partners through a single communication system, enabling them to prepare in time.