Efficiency Services for Merchants

Our efficiency services will accelerate your time-to-market significantly
and allow you to focus on your core business.


  • Minimized maintenance
    We take care of the technical maintenance to the scheme’s API.
    This reduces the effort to implement mission-critical updates and changes on the partner’s side to a minimum


  • Fast and seamless  settlement
    The time between transaction success and funds settlement is kept to a minimum, up to prefunding.
    This gives our partners and their merchants higher liquidity.


  • Comprehensive flows

    Our platform supports all relevant payment flows required by the market.
    Merchants are
    able to sell their goods on all channels used by the consumers and refund them if needed.


  • Seamless white-label integration of payment methods
    PPRO is usually used as a white-label service by our payment service providers.
    The payment methods offered through PPRO are  white-labelled when integrated at the checkout.


  • License chain
    Our partners can rely on PPRO to enable cross-border and local business.
    They do not have to get their own local licenses and can proxy PPROs own or downstream licenses.


  • Collection of Funds
    Our payment service partners can collect funds from  transactions for many markets through our bank network.
    They can improve their LPM coverage and enter new markets.


  • Status updates
    We provide information about maintenance and downtimes of individual LPMs as early as possible
    to our partners through a single communication system, enabling them to prepare in time.