Efficiency Services for Local Payment Methods

PPRO helps LPMs to work and scale efficiently by taking over many aspects of resource and time consuming tasks

What do we do for you to work efficiently?


  • Speed to market
    We help you speed up your go to market strategy by offering and integrating you
    into a vast range of our payment service providers through one single contract.


  • Technical set-up
    Our technical set-up to connect local payment methods through a single technical platform and connected funding flow
    with international payment service providers makes our partnership highly efficient.


  • High availability
    Our highly available technical infrastructure means minimal downtime
    which leads to high transaction success rates


  • Conversion analysis
    PPRO’s analysis of conversion rate, volumes (drop or increase), failed & succeeded TX monitoring.
    We offer reporting on a regular monthly base.


  • Value Added Services
    We offer value-added services to our payment provider partners — for instance refunds and over-refunds —
    that often go beyond they can offer.


  • Settlement
    We are highly flexible when it comes to our direct settlement to you —
    we adjust our payment cycles according to your wishes