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TEST PPRO has traveled across the globe and taken a deep dive into how regions and countries prefer to pay and shop online. In each report you will find valuable Information and market analytics on how a consumer base behaves and how a country‘s population is structured. We hope these reports will help give you the insight and knowledge to take on the global marketplace.

When you download these reports you are gaining valuable access to market research and global data of country‘s and regions spanning across the world.



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About PPRO

We have been e-payment specialists for over eleven years now and we are one of the fastest growing fintech businesses in Europe.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, headquartered in London and have offices in several European countries. Our team is growing rapidly with a diverse group of over 200 people from 35 nationalities all united in a dynamic culture with a common purpose: to deliver the best possible products and services to our partners and customers. PPRO people are characterized by their desire to succeed, team spirit, high energy, professionalism and willingness to take on complex challenges and find simple, elegant solutions

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Receive the latest industry news and updates from PPRO.
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Receive the latest industry news and updates from PPRO