September 1, 2016
E-commerce and payments report on Latin America

Of Latin America’s 617 million people, 300 million use the Internet and 135 million shop online. With mobile and fixed-line penetration rates growing rapidly and a booming e-commerce market, Latin America is a lucrative and fast maturing, with opportunities for online shopping vendors that can find a way to reach their target audience effectively, particularly with a mobile optimised e-commerce experience.

But do online merchants know which e-payment methods to offer in which country? For the last half-decade financial inclusion has been a priority for Latin American policy makers. Since 2010, governments across the region have worked with financial-services providers to offer low-fee bank accounts, encourage the development of mobile and e-banking for use in rural regions, and improve access to credit.

This report looks at the state of e-commerce and payment behaviour in the region. Concentrating on six key markets which together account for more than 95% of Latin American e-commerce turnover, it gives you the insights you need to understand this fast-developing online market.

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